Firm Profile
In 1980, Jim teBrake founded the accounting firm of J. teBrake, CMA. In 2004, Jim retired and his son Dwight teBrake became the accounting firm’s successor. The name was accordingly changed to Dwight teBrake, Chartered Accountant.

Dwight grew up in the rural area of the Niagara Peninsula and worked on the family swine and cash crop farm as a child. He continued to serve as a hired hand to many of the local livestock, cash crop, and horticultural farms in the area. Additionally, Dwight has served as an employee of many other local businesses, including construction and manufacturing businesses, the retail of wood products, and many more. Dwight’s vast job experience coupled with his professional education and training, has made him a desirable accounting professional, and one that understands client’s businesses and needs.

Dwight has been serving owner-managed businesses in his capacity as an accountant since 1998, and was accepted as a full member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in 2001.

The accounting firm bases its traditional methods of providing superior client service upon the same values and traditions that enabled the firm’s founder, Jim teBrake, to build a successful practice and foster important client relationships.

The accounting firm serves businesses and organizations in a wide variety of industries and sectors, giving us invaluable experience to assist with client’s needs. Our firm has a focus on the agricultural and agricultural-related sectors, which further enables us to provide the unique and specialized tax advice and management advice services that farmers and agricultural-related businesses require. It also places us at a unique advantage to service the agricultural sector in the preparation of government programs, including the AgriStability and AgriInvest programs, and related tax planning.

We value our clients and truly believe the relationship created is of a partnership nature. We take pride in, and enjoy, serving owner-managed businesses and their families. Please allow our firm to discuss how we may be able to service you and your business.

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